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Ian Norman

Partner - Kansas, Missouri & Oklahoma

Ian Norman has worked in a variety of sales and business development roles in ophthalmology since 2017. He has represented a multitude of product lines and companies and has helped bring several new devices to market, including the Hydrus microstent by Ivantis (acquired by Alcon).  


Beyond his sales role, Ian derives immense satisfaction from acting as a consultant for his surgical clients, helping them navigate their business challenges, consulting on go to market strategies, and pinpointing opportunities for practice expansion. 

Prior to working in ophthalmology, Ian conducted stem cell research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he obtained a B.S. in Biochemistry. Ian also holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, with a dual focus on finance and strategic management. 

During his free time, Ian enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Amanda and his dog, Oakley. The trio shares a fondness for outdoor adventures, including fishing, sailing, hiking, and rock climbing. 

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